make it stop

how do I stop

I don’t even know myself anymore

when I was a kid I thought being an adult would be all fun and games and money and going to mcdonalds whenever I wanted. now I know adulthood is NOT going mcdonalds every time I want to and life is significantly more bleak.

Candy Crush needs to mind its own business.

If I want to play more than one game in 24 hours that’s my prerogative. Don’t hold me back I’m making magic!!’



do you ever just stare into space and really miss harry potter

The Newsroom making the Occupy Wall St Movement look like assholes.


I mean, the only thing Lorne ever said to me [that had anything to do with gender] was ‘If I had known that you were pregnant when you did that sketch where you fell through the piano, I would not have let you do it.’ But I hadn’t told him I was pregnant yet.

Ana was the first person on SNL to ever be pregnant on the air, and then came Tina and then me. We were like these girls in high school, carrying their binders really close to their stomachs, not telling anybody about their teenage pregnancy. Amy was literally on the show until she went into labor. We were going to do a Bronx Beat on a Jon Hamm show, and she knew that her baby was due on Sunday, so she was going to do her show on Saturday and have her baby on Sunday. And we rehearsed Friday night, and Saturday I got a call that her water broke and she was in the hospital.

— Maya Rudolph (via everybodyandtelevision)